Ronald-Henk Ritsma

Thriller boeken - Thrillers

About Ronald 

Ronald was raised partly in France and now lives in The Netherlands. During his stay in France, he lived in Nantes, the same city where one of his inspirations, Jules Verne, spent most of his life.

He studied business administration and econometrics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Much of his career has been spent in marketing & ecommerce roles for companies including KLM-Air France, American Express, Liberty Global, and Achmea International. In 2011 he published his first management book. He completed military strategy in 2003 at the Royal Military Academy. Voodoo Child is his first novel. The passion for aerospace, space exploration and science were already there when he was a child. In his early twenties, he had flying lessons and worked an important part of his career for Holland’s flagcarrier (in marketing). Because of this and his knowledge of subjects like artificial intelligence and new technology, he can write about it realistically. A lot of the situations in the book are based on first hand experience and/or knowledge of the subject as well as meticulous research.   

In his spare time, Ronald loves taking part in triathlons, diving, sailing, and mountaineering: he also plays guitar. He enjoys travelling, art, science & exploration, reading, and watching and analysing movies.