Ronald-Henk Ritsma

Thriller boeken - Thrillers

About Voodoo Child

Inspectors McKagan & Craig are investigating a series of mysterious murders on the Culloden Moor in Scotland, near an ancient battlefield. The villagers think that the nearby Macdor Castle is haunted, and that an evil force is causing these deaths. They hear and see strange sounds and lights. Floris van Muiden is on vacation there, with his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Allwright, and is eager to visit the castle. But when he finally manages to sneak into it, he encounters something he would have preferred not to see.

Back in the Bahamas, the troubles begin. His company is involved in a fierce competition to be the first to launch spaceflights for tourists. Several mysterious accidents and incidents occur, and he is haunted by misfortune. In the meantime, McKagan and Craig continue their investigation. Floris is increasingly coming to the conclusion, that the key to solving his problems lies in Macdor Castle, back in Scotland. Is the place haunted or is there another explanation? 

Review of VOODOO CHILD on 'Thrilling, with a surprising well conceived end. Highly recommended!'